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OIB has on many occasion consulted with utilities and their customers regarding improvements to property and or damage regarding construction related in the area of the customer. OIB will provide professionals specific to the trade to visit the site and determine a recommendation for repair and or responsibility. In this process, as with all process OIB holds the highest Ethical Standards and will not accept any award of work related to Consulting Services. Along with our construction services we also provide information and recommendation on engineering of Transmission and Distribution Equipment - the staff of OIB and its affiliates has many years of experience specifying and installing equipment in this space. The staff of OIB and its affiliates have worked in the Manufacturers Representative Space, Engineering, Purchasing and Product Specification.

Fire Mitigation

The history of OIB and its partners enables us to provide a professional evaluation in treating areas that require Fire Mitigation Services. Our knowledge of Fire Fighting, Transmission / Distribution Design and Bare Ground Services has enabled us to provide teams and equipment to maintain, evaluate and mitigate areas to ensure the lowest possible risk to our customers and the community. OIB works regularly with utilities in the area along with government entities to ensure we provide the utmost service along with all consideration for the environment and communities effected. Some of the agencies include USFS, BLM, all Tribal Councils and Municipal and Private Fire Agencies.​

Construction - Utility

OIB Construction Services can complete any project. The KA, Dual Engineering License held by OIB Consulting enables the team to participate in any type of construction at any level. We see our team as “Filling in Gaps”. The OIB Team regularly assists larger firms with Concrete, Revegetation, Masonry, Bare Ground Services, Painting, Signage, Grading, Metal Fabrication and many other services to help provide the utmost customer service to all of the customers and community effected.


OIB Consulting provides all services throughout the State of Arizona via Mobile Construction. As the OIB Team has grown we have invested in Mobile Facilities that enable our team to work remote with bathroom facilities, sleeping, meals and rehab facility with Air Conditioning and or applicable resources to ensure our team is safe and rested along with having all materials needed while performing work outside the Phoenix Metro Area.

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