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Commercial Construction Services

We specialize in commercial utility construction and landscape services. Our customers include APS, SRP, Southwest Gas City of Phoenix and many others. Most local utility providers are far to busy to do work on their facilities and that's where we come in. OIB supports major customers and large contractors to provide support services and ensure final completion is satisfactory. OIB is very mobile and versatile in the breadth of services we provide; concrete, temp roadways, access roads, finish grade, revegetation, landscape services, demolition, masonry, mobile metal fabrication, painting. OIB has vast knowledge of utility equipment and can provide a “Nonenergized Asset Management Service” this may include making repairs to equipment that has been damaged during shipment, painting, welding, transportation, fabrication or simply just assisting with transport to a repair facility. We handle upkeep and maintenance of many power substations throughout the valley as well. Keeping them in top shape so that they can be hazard free for the utility companies to be able to service their onsite equipment.

Commercial Lighting

We can provide lighting design to meet city or governing authority criteria and provide fixture specifications to meet the design and requirements. OIB can also provide service to evaluate lighting load and often times reduce power consumption adding to the customer net profits while providing a more pleasing and functional nighttime environment. This could be a parking lot to a specific area to accent and illuminate like the example of Pine Canyon Golf Resort above. ​ We also work with local power providers to design and install commercial lighting at their facilities and locations throughout the valley. Commercial lighting is different than residential lighting typically using a much more heavy duty fixture and requiring a heavier wiring setup. We have been working with many of the local utilities for over 10 years and have forged many great relationships and we will continue to be a lighting provider for them in future. Contact us if you have any questions about your commercial lighting needs.

Commercial Recreation

We have worked with many commercial recreation providers to do construction and lighting on ballfields, golf courses and others. A couple examples of our projects include Pine Canyon Golf Club in Flagstaff, the Westin Kierland Golf Courses Acacia and Mesquite in Scottsdale Arizona which we are very proud of.

Residential Construction

OIB provides line item providing so you can see exactly where your money is going and make additions or deletions to your budget based on the per item pricing. When we say everything outside we mean it - masonry, pavers, shade structures, steel accents, outdoor appliances, lighting, demolition, concrete - the list goes on. If you are simply looking to turn your new yard or even your old outdated landscape into something spectacular, we can help you bring it to life. We offer in person consultations with no pressure to buy. You don't have to spend a lot to convert that plain dirt into something that you'll be proud of. We can work with you and explain your best options based on your budget.

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Residential outdoor lighting can to your already beautiful home and add curb appeal that you can't get from just landscaping alone. Although the two work hand in hand, adding exterior lighting to your homes landscape can provide both ambiance and security without the need for outdated motion detection lights. Your home is your castle and you should protect it. Give us a call about coming out and doing a demo for you so you can see for yourself just how much a outdoor residential lighting system can do for your home. OIB provides the best quality lighting products and provides a lifetime warranty on transformers and fixtures and 5 years on lamps. Our installed systems are versatile and adjustable, automated via Blue Tooth or Wifi and we can even provide color changing systems that will automatically change color with time or season to add to the holiday decor of your home. We make your living environment much larger with the integration of an outdoor lighting scene.

Residential Outdoor Living Spaces

We can help you to create your ideal outdoor living space. We have worked with many homeowners to turn their boring backyards into functional and appealing entertainment spaces. Whether you are looking for just a small outdoor living area or a full blown outdoor living space in your backyard we can build it. We have many great ideas to help guide you choosing what works for you. Swimming pools, jacuzzi's, fireplaces and pits as well as outdoor kitchens, we can help you create your own backyard resort. Ask us for consultation.

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