The OIB Team is very serious about safety not only for ourselves but all of our affiliates and the community as a whole. Constant evaluation of daily practice is key in keeping our workers safe and mentally present while performing their duties. As we evaluate our process and write policy to remind ourselves of best practice the team also considers the preparedness and mental state of the entire organization, we encourage our team to support each other both in and outside of work. Constant communication is key to ensure all are informed, anyone on the OIB Team can “STOP” work at any time if there is a questions of concerns regarding anyone’s wellbeing or a potential “close call”.

Efforts are made in every aspect of our organization to ensure we provide the best and safest work environment possible. From our partnership with ISN (100% Compliance and Green) to new vehicles, updated equipment, constant training, maintenance and care, project “Tailboard”, Corrective Action Process, Uniforms / PPE and help form our business affiliates we have been fortunate to maintain an exceptional Safety Record

Everything Outside, If you can dream it we can build it.

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