OIB Consulting began back in 2001 with Scott Freymuller as the owner and he still is today. Starting as a Residential Contractor and today working as a contractor with some of the largest utilities and customers in our state. The breadth of services increases daily as does our qualifications and experience. We are proud to Maintain a KA (Dual Engineering) License in the State of Arizona and help grow the infrastructure of this great state for all of us to benefit and enjoy. 

Over the years we have evolved from not just residential but also commercial lighting, construction and maintenance services. We began to work with many of the big local power service providers to handle the upkeep and construction of their facilities and substations that are scattered around the valley. They contract with us to provide additional construction services and to do upgrades to some of their properties such as security cameras and safety barriers to prevent break-ins. We also provide property maintenance at these same facilities so that their own crews can be able to service the equipment safely and efficiently. 

Scott has had extensive experience and is an Arizona Native for going on 48 years. Scott is a retired fire captain from the city of scottsdale and has run and been part of many successful businesses that have provided safety, consultation, construction, design, sales and engineering services. Scott along with the OIB Team are committed to continuous growth and learning to provide the best service to our customers. 

What we Provide and PROMISE

OIB will do everything possible to make the business relationship positive and mutually beneficial. Customer service is essential to a project and really that means good communication from start to finish, ensuring timely response followed by action and simply being a team player to all persons involved.

Our proposals are complete and in a line item format with individual pricing. OIB is not one to hide costs and is open to providing justification for pricing and an inventory upon completion to ensure that all billing is complete and correct.

Professionalism is critical to OIB as we understand we not only represent ourselves but also the people and businesses that hire us. We continually work on process improvement, safety, efficiency, customer service and growth for our employees providing a successful working environment.

OIB ensures quality, clean and maintained equipment. Uniformed Employees armed with operating procedures and tailboard information to ensure they are safe and return to their families without incident. OIB maintains membership in good standing with ISNetworld to ensure we don’t miss anything regarding the success of our company and our employees and we don’t add any risk or liability to our customers. OIB Maintains all credentials and beyond while doing business in the State of Arizona; Licensed Bonded Insures KA311003, DOT Cert, ISN (GREEN), & BBB. 

Scott Freymuller

Growing the residential and commercial market in all aspects of construction including the Utility, Commercial Industrial Market and Large Power Users.

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