OIB Consulting was created when Scott Freymuller was a Fire Captain / Paramedic for the City of Scottsdale. The original name was “Out in Back” which was thought up by an eleven year of boy while he was asking friends and family for name recommendations, “Out in Back sounds good, that is where you do your work”. Scott’s sister Vicki designed the logo and from there the rest is history.

Over the years as the company grew and was shelved in the crash during 2008, the name was changed to OIB Consulting as the breadth of service encompassed so much more than just “Out in Back”. We also learned that diversification of business is important moving forward and we didn’t want to rely solely on the Residential and Commercial Market. After Scott’s retirement from the Fire Department he found success in specifying products in the Electrical Industry while working with Arizona Public Service, Salt River Project, PNM, First Solar, Nevada Power, Co-ops and Municipalities in the Southwest. This was a great experience as Scott was exposed and gained knowledge of Utility Transmission / Distribution Design, Construction and Management from multiple organizations.

At the end of 2016 Scott transitioned his focus solely on OIB and has since grown the business exponentially year after year with the help of a dedicated knowledgeable team creating an atmosphere for success.

Customer Service, Ethics, Leadership, Safety, Innovation, Communication and sometimes humility are all pillars of the culture at OIB Consulting. The team is empowered to grow and provide feedback on the organization and the services we provide. There is and always will be room for improvement in every aspect and that mindset is welcomed here at OIB.

The OIB Team values its employees, customers and serving the community as we are grateful for the success and opportunity to be able to enjoy what we do and make a difference in this great State of Arizona.





Scott Freymuller

Growing the residential and commercial market in all aspects of construction including the Utility, Commercial Industrial Market and Large Power Users.

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